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Partial Dental Dentures for Kids
Portland, OR

A smiling boy with partial dentures from Great Grins for KIDS - PortlandOur team of professionals at Great Grins for KIDS - Portland can restore the function and esthetics of your child's smile with a partial denture. The concept of children with partial dentures may seem odd at first, but it is a pretty common scenario. A partial denture is a removable appliance used to replace one or more of the anterior (front) teeth. Many of our partial dentures are designed for teeth in the upper jaw. The prosthetic tooth attaches to an acrylic retainer that secures it to the surrounding teeth.

Reasons Your Child May Need a Partial Denture

In the broadest sense, a child may need a partial denture to restore chewing function and multiple teeth missing in the same arch. Many children affected by ectodermal dysplasias wear partial dentures from a very young age. In some cases, we may recommend a partial denture if a primary (baby) tooth is lost prematurely. While these teeth may seem unimportant, they serve as placeholders for the permanent ones. If a primary tooth is lost prematurely, the remaining teeth may compensate for the open space. This can cause them to shift out of their proper position, leading to future complications with the eruption of permanent teeth.

Partial dentures for children have some benefits, including:
•  Improved esthetics that creates an age-appropriate facial appearance
•  Improvements in self-esteem and social well being. You may notice your child feeling better about themselves as the result of a more beautiful smile.
•  Improvements in jaw and tissue development
•  Improvements in nutrition due to a better chewing function
•  Improvements in speech development. Teeth are an important part of pronunciation and can make it easier for your child to communicate thoughts and ideas.

What to Expect with Partial Dentures

When your child first gets their new flipper denture, there will be an adjustment period. Flipper dentures can feel bulky or awkward at first. Certain tasks such as eating, speaking, and smiling may take some practice. If your child complains of pain or pressure be sure to contact us as soon as possible. The partial flipper denture may need an adjustment.

Try to prevent your child from playing with their new appliance. You may also want to limit their exposure to highly pigmented foods and drinks.

Maintaining a Partial Denture

Partial dentures are an economical solution; however, they are usually a temporary solution, especially for children. If the missing tooth is primary, the partial denture will become obsolete once their permanent tooth erupts. If a permanent tooth is lost, we may suggest a fixed solution such as a dental implant or bridge when the time is appropriate. Dr. Fariba Mutschler may recommend a partial denture as a long-term solution if your child is not a good candidate for fixed restorations.
A partial denture should be cleaned every day to eliminate plaque and food debris. We recommend a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently scrub the appliance. Toothpaste can be too harsh for dentures. Instead, we recommend a mild soup or denture cleaning solution. Over time, the partial denture may need to be repaired, adjusted, or even replaced.

Schedule Your Child's Appointment

If your child is missing one or more of their front teeth, call (971) 470-0054, and schedule their appointment today!
My daughter was a little nervous to have her dental work done but everyone in the office was super friendly and very reassuring and that helped her nervousness go away. Thanks for the excellent dental experience. ~ Lilyana G.

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Our team of professionals at Great Grins for KIDS - Portland can restore the function and esthetics of your child's smile with a partial denture.
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