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Healthy Snacks for Your Child's Dental Health

Posted on 4/26/2021 by Fariba Mutschler
Healthy Snacks for Your Child's Dental Health
Most kids have a scattered eating pattern, where they require snacks during the morning and afternoon. Parents realize the snacking patterns of their toddlers and ensure that they're given something to nibble on when cravings erupt. However, are you giving your kids the best snack for their oral health? Many sugary treats today are filled with debilitating sugar that can increase the risk of tooth decay and cavities on your kid's teeth. Even a product labeled organic can turn out to be bad for your kid's teeth. In this article we look at a few healthy snacks that are ideal for your kid. Give these to your kids and see the magic unroll in front of you.

Snacks to Avoid

There are a number of snacks that should be avoided if you want your kid to develop a full set of health teeth. Start by avoiding dry fruit and fruity gums. These snacks are loaded with sugars and can cling on to the surface of their teeth.

Also avoid granola bars. They might seem like a better alternative to candy bars but are literally just the same thing. Crackers should be avoided as well, since they stick to the teeth and lead to cavities.

Healthy Snacks for your Child

Start by giving some fresh vegetables and fruits to your kids. The nutrients they provide are high on fibers and can fulfill cravings successfully. Apples dipped in peanut butter can be healthy as well, and so can carrots or cucumbers dipped in hummus.

Moreover, you can also opt for handful or low-salt nuts whenever your kid has a craving, or go for a bowl of low-sugar yogurt to fill up their dairy needs. Both are excellent sources of vitamin D and calcium.

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